Questions asked and answered help us refine requirements and help others understand our line of business. Here are a few that you may have.   

Q: How do you locate candidates? 

A: Utilizing both an 18+ year network of professional contacts and state of the art technology, media, both passive and active candidates can be located to fill open positions. We utilize major social, networking and job sites to alert candidates of openings and to find resources. 

Q: What services can you offer employers and job seekers? 

A: The process of searching for a job or filling one is just that: a process. We know the steps, the potential pitfalls and alternate solutions to problems. Each company and candidate is unique, but our expertise helps us create a tailored solution for any of our customers.  

Q: What if I'm just starting my search?  

A:   This is the best time to talk with us! We can help you recognize the best tools for a search, think creatively about applications for talent and to network to find a new position. Even if you haven't done a resume for 10 years, we can work with you at no charge to kick off a process that will yield results.      

Q: What do you need from me to start a search? 

A: To begin a search for a consultant or employee, we will first of all discuss the position and ensure that The Redwood Group, LLC will be able to deliver. If so, the role, its importance in the organization and key requirements will be defined. A fee structure will be agreed upon and the search will begin. Frequent updates and communication can be expected from us; this ensures that the process is moving in the right direction and keeps all parties informed.   

Q: Where can I see what others say about your work? 

A: The Redwood Group, LLC has a Facebook page and Laurie Nielsen has a page on LinkedIn with numerous recommendations from previous colleagues and customers. Others can be provided, for phone or e-mail confirmation.